The two-component traffic paint of Borhan Novin Pooshesh


Technical data sheet of traffic colors of Borhan Novin Pooshesh Safa

The two-component traffic paint of Borhan Novin Pooshesh Safa

Special features
This product is a two-component traffic paint, based on peroxide curing acrylic resins and has excellent resistance to weather conditions and sunlight. This paint has excellent adhesion to asphalt surfaces, suitable mechanical, abrasion and chemical resistance. This coating with the ability to create a thickness of up to 3 mm and low scalability is used for painting pedestrian lanes and other traffic signs, and due to the fast drying time, traffic can be established shortly after the paint is applied.

Technical data of the product

Color shade: according to customer order
Number of components: 2 components –
Hardening method: chemical reaction between components;
Weight solid percentage: at least 99%
Volumetric solid percentage: at least 98%
Specific gravity: 1.8 g / cc
Viscosity: 105-80 Krebs
Execution thickness: 2000 to 3000 microns
Drying time: 30 minutes
Adhesion by pull-off method : 2/2 N / mm2
Packing amount: according to customer’s request
Shelf life: 4 months under standard conditions

Specifications of paint application

Maximum consumption time after mixing: 10-15 minutes
Component Ratio: One unit of benzoyl peroxide for every 99 units of paint
Gel time: 20-25 minutes
Methods of applying paint: spatula – roller
Complete drying at room temperature: 60 minutes


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