Primer PP coating Borhan Novin Pooshesh



Technical data sheet of Primer PP coating Borhan Novin Pooshesh Safa

Special features
This product is produced on the basis of acrylic resin and has a very high adhesion on plastic surfaces including PP, ABS, POLY AMID. This type of primer is diluted with about 200% thinner based on the paint concentration. The surface must be cleaned and degreased before application.

Technical data of the product
Shade: Dependent on customer request
Grind: less than 20 microns
Viscosity: 50 seconds DINCUP8
Time distance to apply the next layer: can be adjusted depending on the customer
Coating: 10-20 microns
Surface drying time: 5 minutes
Solid percentage: 65%
Deep drying time: 1 hour


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