The thermoplastic traffic paint of Borhan Novin Pooshesh



Technical data sheet of traffic paints of Borhan Novin Pooshesh Safa

The thermoplastic traffic paint of Borhan Novin Pooshesh Safa
This product is a Hot-melt traffic paint. The delivery form of this product in 25 kg packages is a mixture of solids including powder, filler, additive and resin granules. By heating the mixture, it is applied as a melt on asphalt or concrete. The advantages of this product are not compared to other traffic products, we can mention the possibility of forming a film with a thick thickness, much longer life and much shorter drying time, which is a highly economical product according to the mentioned cases.

Technical data of the product

Color shade: according to customer order
Number of components: 1 component –
Resin type: hydrocarbon
Drying method: air dry
Drying time: less than 5 minutes
Execution thickness: 1500 to 4000 microns
Packing amount: according to customer’s request
Shelf life: 24 months under standard conditions
Climatic conditions of implementation: humidity less than 80%
It should be applied on a completely dry surface.


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