Radiant coatings

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The use of irradiated coatings has been significantly increased due to high process speed, environmental compatibility (percentage of volatiles close to zero and also reduction of energy consumption) and very good physical-mechanical properties such as scratch resistance.

The properties of irradiated coatings can be summarized as faster, smaller and cleaner.


Radiant coating technology can be coated and baked at speeds between 30 meters per minute to more than 240 meters per minute. Faster production rates provide more opportunities for return on investment. Return on investment for the customer.

UV coatings are cured immediately.


The factory production line for irradiated coatings is 6 to 8 meters in total length, while running 30-240 meters per minute.

There are no heating furnaces

Reduce energy costs

Reduce quality costs


No volatile organic compounds

No dangerous air pollutants

Very low flammability


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