Radiant coatings for wood


Industrial wood finisher basically has three options for use in all types of UV curable coatings:

100% UV, UV diluted in water and UV diluted with solvent.

Any kind of UV curable coating can be applied in almost any way. The method of use chosen depends on the surface / feature structure to be completed, the final quality desired at that level, and the production rate to be completed. Another consideration is recovery, usually UV coatings are more expensive than conventional baking coatings.

The choice of UV curable coating that is applied in any way depends on the structure or thickness of the coating, the ease of achieving certain polishing subtleties (gloss, alignment, etc.) and the ease of use of the coating system. In general, it is desirable to use 100% UV curable coatings to produce the desired final quality, and operating costs and requirements with 100% UV curable coatings will be most beneficial.

If filming is too thin, less than 100% active ingredient may be required.


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