Improving dirt resistance of cold traffic paint using nano-materials

Pavement markings are used to increase road safety by providing drivers critical guidance and information. For example, centerlines have been shown to cut accident frequency by over 29%, compared to roads without them. Various types of materials can be used as road markings, and the choice depends on cost, durability, retro reflectivity, pavement surface, and drying time. However, visual aspects can play important role in long-term performance. Nowadays cold paints are being increasingly utilized due to some advantages such as easy application compared to hot melt traffic markings. The aim of this study is to find a way to get a better dirt resistance with the aid of nanoparticles. Thus, a white cold traffic paint was prepared using concomitant loading of OHfunctional silicone modified polyacrylate nano-additive (0 to 20 wt%).


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