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Argument Engineering Group

Borhan Engineering Group has been a major supplier of paints and coatings since 2006.

The company has a resin and coating factory. The company benefits from the experience of many experts in the paint and coating industries. With the help of a professional technology research and development team, our products compete in domestic and foreign markets.

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The research, development and quality control laboratories of Borhan Engineering Group are well equipped. Using these facilities, as well as fully trained technical staff with new technology and modern machinery, Borhan Engineering Group can provide a wide range of professional coatings. And produce industrial. In addition to the supply of final products, efficient after-sales service is provided in the application lines of various industries.

How to use our products is tailored to the customer’s needs. Borhan Engineering Group will continue to improve the standards of management, customer service and manufacturing technology to be a company with a reliable and standard infrastructure.

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