Comprehensive article on epoxy flooring

Introduction: Traditional building materials have undergone many changes over time due to changes in construction methods, the importance of safety, style of buildings and aesthetic sense over time. Production and non-resistance of materials are not used in the construction of modern buildings. Polymeric materials are rapidly becoming an alternative to traditional materials due to reduced production costs, reduced energy consumption and suitable formability.Execution of stone and ceramic based flooring, in addition to being energy consuming at the time of construction due to reduced execution speed and high costs of manpower in the overhead cost equations of construction impose on a project.

Polymer flooring, especially epoxy flooring is one of the best coatings for flooring interior and exterior surfaces of the building. Variety of colors, high speed of execution (10,000 square meters per week) and reduction of execution costs are the advantages of this type of polymer coatings.

Epoxy flooring in addition to high mechanical strength (compressive strength of about 1100 Kg / Cm²) has a high chemical resistance and due to lack of water absorption, it becomes contaminated later.

Polymer flooring

Polymer flooring includes epoxy, polyurethane and PVC flooring. Due to the lack of mechanical resistance, PVC floors are used in places with low traffic. These floors can not be used in halls with dynamic load because they are easily broken and cracked. PVC flooring is rapidly degradable and quickly turns yellow due to the presence of vinyl strips in sunlight and ultraviolet rays, so these floorings must be used indoors.

Polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane is one of the most engineered man-made materials. This material has many applications, from shoe soles to thermal insulation and mattresses.

For nearly two decades, a special type of polyurethane has been used in industrial and anti-corrosion coatings.

Polyurethane flooring has good compressive strength and high flexibility, but due to its flexibility and low yang modulus, it has low mechanical strength, especially in rotational stresses. Are placed in the middle.

Epoxy flooring

The most common construction and industrial flooring are epoxy flooring. Good mechanical strength of epoxy flooring has caused these floors to be used in various industries and most industrial halls consider the best way to cover concrete to be the use of epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring has good miscibility with minerals such as silica and quartz, and this miscibility makes the linear expansion coefficient of the polymer matrix very close to the concrete floor and the flooring does not deform and damage due to decreasing and increasing temperature.

Epoxy flooring is formed by the reaction of polypoxide with an amine hardener and the presence of oxiranic bonds in the polymer chain causes high chemical resistance and anti-corrosion. Caustic as well as dairy factories are well used and have a long life.




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